With rules you can process specific emails, this will help you to not print spam or unwanted emails.

How to use rules?

Step 1: Edit the account 'Auto Print Order'

  • Click on 'next' to move to the panel 4:

Step 2: Set option to 'No, process only emails with these rules'

  • The rule based on sender email address:

Enter per line one email address (myemail@domain.com) or part of the address (@domain or myemail@ or any string part), each line is like a logical operator OR, that's mean one the line value must match.

Generally, you enter the email address which sends your orders (for example: online-orders@MyWebShop.com).

  • The rule based on subject keywords or email body data:

Enter per line one keyword or phrase, each line is like logical operator OR.

If you absolutely need to match specific keywords you can use the logical operator %AND%, like this: