'Auto Print Order' includes some languages like English, French, German, ..., you can translate to a new language or update an existing language easily to be more accurate.

Note: If you want to add a new language you have to contact us first >

Instructions to launch the language editor

Step 1: Go in the options of 'Auto Print Order'

  • At bottom left of the application click on 'Settings'

Step 2: Go in the section 'Advanced'

  • At bottom you can choose the language you want (to apply change you must restart the application).
  • If you want to edit or add a new language, click on the link 'You can edit or add new language...'


Step 3: The language editor is opened.

  • Now you can edit or translate the language, don't forget to click on top right 'SAVE FILE' when finished, restart 'Auto Print Order' to see results.

Step 4: Send us the translated file if you want to share.